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April 2019

  • Lushh wins the bronze award for best original score

    After writing and recording the original soundtrack of Darius Gardner’s film, “Dirty Dog,” Lushh took home the Bronze Award for Best Original Score from the Independent Shorts Awards

MARCH 2019

  • Lushh is set to release their first full-length album on April 19, 2019

  • March 16, Dalton Center Multimedia Room shows at 6 and 9pm

    The Archangel Suite is a four movement suite that explores the core essence of some of the highest ranked angelic beings depicted in Abrahamic religious texts from the perspective of electronic chamber jazz.

    The musicians of Lushh have spent years curating sounds beyond the realm of organic instrumentation while maintaining musical devices such as melody, counterpoint, dynamic variety, harmony, and rhythm. This suite was written specifically for Lushh to push its sound to its absolute limit while keeping beauty and grace in tact.

    Accompanying this collection of pieces will be live projections done by visual artist Peter Warner, bringing the music to life in illuminated physical form.


    Lushh recently composed and recorded an original soundtrack for “Dirty Dog” a short film by Darius Gardner (Details of release date to be released soon).


    After being listed as a finalist for the “Under-25 Students” category, Lushh was ranked 10th by 7 Virtual Jazz Club, a global, online jazz competition.